Research Areas

The following research areas are derived from the guiding topics of cooperative doctoral program:

Cloud Computing and Environments (Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Frank Leymann)

Enterprise Services Architecture (Prof. Dr. Alfred Zimmermann)

Distributed Computing (Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Blochinger)

Agile Development of Services (Prof. Dr. Stefan Wagner)

Information Systems (Prof. Dr. Bernhard Mitschang)

High Performance Data Management (Prof. Dr. Ilia Petrov)

Internet of Things (Prof. Dr. Christian Decker)

Data Analytics (PD Dr. Holger Schwarz)

Business Process Management (Prof. Dr. Martin Schmollinger)

Data Engineering (Prof. Dr. Melanie Herschel)

Mobile Computing (Prof. Dr. Natividad Martinez)

Information Security (Prof. Dr. Ralf Küsters)

Data Science (Prof. Dr. Ulf Schreier)

Innovation & Software Engineering (Prof. Dr. Jürgen Münch)