Guiding Topics

The research program of the Cooperative Doctoral Program – Services Computing – is strategically aligned with three main topics – Enterprise Architecture and Applications, Data Management / Processing / Analysis of Big Data, and Cloud Computing. All topics are of equal importance and share close links to each other. Dependencies between interrelated research areas provide the foundation for joined research results and close collaboration between the research groups of the program.

Enterprise Architecture and Applications is concerned with the holistic modeling and management of service-oriented software and enterprise architectures for system interaction and other related topics. Within this research area, associated multi-perspective architecture domains work together to define the action space for business models, business processes, and related information systems and their technologies: architecture governance and management, quality management, strategy, information and business architecture, architecture of data and information systems, architecture of platforms, architecture infrastructures, operational architecture, cloud infrastructures and platforms, and security architecture.

The research field of Big Data is comprised of the storing, management, processing and complex near-time analysis of massive and heterogeneous data. Designing scalable methods and algorithms that facilitate quick processing and ad hoc analysis plays a central role. Scalability implies both consistent system performance with fast-growing data volumes as well as improved performance via the expansion of hardware / computing resources. Another aspect is the processing and integration of heterogeneous data from a wide variety of dynamic data sources (data model, structure, properties, and access source systems) under consideration and assurance of information quality. Furthermore, aspects of complex analysis like machine learning and data mining as well as methods of graph and vector processing are investigated.

The Cloud Computing topic covers on-demand access of diverse IT resources at different levels of abstraction from specialized providers for a wide range of customers as services (conceptually and technologically). Provided services are usually provided for a fine-grained pay-per-use cost model. Main research questions to be examined within the cooperative doctoral program are concerned with the integration of globally distributed cloud services from multiple vendors into a common application architecture and the efficient deployment of distributed applications and their optimization at runtime. In this context, so-called edge computing should consider scenarios, in which specific services for end-nodes of the network (sensors, embedded systems, mobile devices) are localized and have to be integrated with centralized services of complex information systems. Business-relevant services arise for example as a result of intelligent data processing, combined with individual data of different distributed systems. Another issue is the automatic detection of proven management structures of applications in existing open source repositories.