Services Computing is a Cooperative Doctoral Program at the Herman Hollerith Center (HHC) in Böblingen, Germany. It is a joint program of the University of Stuttgart and Reutlingen University, and supported by an initiative of the Ministry of Science and Art in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The cooperative doctoral program is aligned with the third cycle of the Bologna Process, the recommendations of the Science Council for the role of Universities of Applied Sciences in the German academic system, and the Higher Education Act of Baden-Württemberg for scientific cooperation between university partners. Doctoral students will be supervised as part of an innovative and collaborative research program for independent scientific activity at HHC, with the aim of supporting the completion of a doctoral degree in computer science at the University of Stuttgart. The regulation for PhD graduation of the Faculty 5 for Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of the University of Stuttgart is mandatory.

Services Computing

Services Computing is an interdisciplinary approach to providing IT solutions that substantially support business-related strategies and increase entrepreneurial value. The essential goal of Services Computing is to holistically and consistently model complex information systems through a combination of computer science methods and information and communications technology to support design, development, delivery, operation, and monitoring of distributed services. Services Computing enables us to prevent and eliminate particular misalignments between business processes and information technologies, and to identify and develop improvements for digitized products and services. Fundamental concepts of Services Computing are, for example, Web and REST services, service-oriented architectures (SOA), cloud computing, or modeling and management of business processes. Services Computing covers the entire lifecycle of IT-based business-related services and refers to the development, implementation, and distribution of IT services, the associated service management, the alignment of IT and business, data management, data processing and analysis, and the design of innovative IT architectures.


The Cooperative Doctoral Program – Services Computing – creates a high-quality scientific environment for excellent graduates of German and international universities with degrees in computer science. During their doctoral research, candidates will draw on the resources of the Herman Hollerith Center in order to qualify for a doctorate in Computer Science at the University of Stuttgart.


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